Thedrive and commitment to promote the  unique  identity of the Yorubarace, gained momentum yesterday, when the Aare Onakakanfo of Yorubaland, AareGani Adams, said his new title has created new challenge and opportunities forhim and the entire Yoruba race. He made this known, yesterday in Ibadan, Oyostate, during the 2018 edition of the Oke’badan Festival, held at the CulturalCentre, Ibadan,Oyo.

Adams,who said his job is to broker peace and promote unity across the world, notedalso that what the Yoruba nation needed most at the moment, is peace andtranquility and a unique zeal to promote the core values and identity of therace to the entire world.

Hecharged governments, across the southwest states to promote and sponsor states’festivals, in order to boost tourism and economic potentials in theirrespective states. ’’I am making a clarion call to the government, mostespecially, the government in the southwest to lead the initiative to promotethe Yoruba identity and culture. ‘’Now is the time for them to brace up and getthings done the right way. It is better for all the government now to key intothis new idea and initiative. There is need for us to be proactive in whateverwe do .It is our duty to take charge of our fate, believing that the new ideawill translates to a better future’’, he said.

Welcomingthe guests, coordinator of the Oyo state chapter of the Oodua People’s Congress[OPC], comrade Rotimi Olumo, expressedappreciation to Aare Adams for his exemplary leadership quality, describing himas a worthy leader of repute and integrity. He urged all members of the OPC tobe committed to the ideals of the group, charging them to emulate theleadership qualities of the Aare Onakakanfo of Yoruba land

TheGuest Speaker,Mr. Wahab Yusuf Bolaji, from the Department of PublicAdministration, the Polytechnics Ibadan, in his lecture, said the Oke’badanfestival being celebrated and sponsored by the Olokun festival Foundation[OFF], has an historic impact in thelives of the indigenes of the ancient city. He applauded the efforts of AareAdams, in keeping faith with the ideals of organization and ensuring that theidentity, heritage, and culture of the Yoruba race remain relevant across thesouthwest states.

Basorunof Oyo,High chief Yusuf Ayoola Akinade, who stood in for the Alaafin of Oyo,His Imperial Majesty, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi 111, said the rich culture of theYoruba culture, as  being celebrated bythe Oyo state chapter of the OPC, brought to the fore, the beauty of the Yorubaculture and tradition. He lauded the efforts of Aare Gani Adams for using hisfinancial resources and time to promote the unique tradition of the Yorubarace.

‘’Iadvise those that have been supporting Aare Gani Adams to celebrate ourancestors annually should remain committed to the cause, don’t look back, don’tbe discourage, there is always a reward for everything in life’’,he said.

Someof the guest present at the event include; Jagun of Oyo,chief AyoadeAdewuyi,Professor Ayodeji Agbonjinmi,of the Faculty of Law, Ajayi CrowderUniversity, Oyo,Provost, Oodua Progressive Union, Europe, Mr. Bob Agbede,executive member OPU Indian,chief Obayomi Akinbiyi, proprietor, FortuneHospital and Dental Centre,Dr. Olusoji Ijidale.

Otherswere coordinator Oyo state chapter of the OPC,Comrade Rotimi Olumo,chiefMuraina Olalere,chief Rasheed Adigun, chief Raufu Oluokun,President,Oyo statechapter of the  Oodua Pepper SellerAssociation, chief [Mrs] Mitilade Adedeji,and all the National CordinatingCouncil of the OPC.

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