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DE GENESIX HOTEL Sets to Shutdown For A Month Renovations

…..Management Promised Better Services Ahead



The management of de GENESIX hotel and suite situated at 10 Aboaba Street off Ajaiyi road Oke-ira Ogba wishes to informs all its numerous customer that the hotel will be closing down for renovation from 15 December to 15 January, 2018

The management said this will enable them to put the hotel in a more suitable and better condition for its customers.

Speaking with the press recently the chairman of de GENESIX groups, Deacon Sunny Ilosobhie said the renovation is part of activities to mark the organization 8years of existence and put De Genesix hotel in more strategic position to give all its customers, the best service one can get any where across the globe.

He also said De Gensix hotel as a name to protect in the hospitality business.

Deacon sunny Ilozohbie remarked that when the renovation is completed de GENESIX hotel will be home away from home with all the facilities like the gym,swimming pool, VIP bar and open bar, all with international standard.

He however regret all the inconvenience this will cause to all their customers saying giving them the best services is the utmost priority of de GENESIX hotel management

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