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Why I’m Improving On My Father’s Legacy –Evang. Lekan Remilekun Amos


Evang. Lekan Remilekun Amos does not need much introduction in the Nigerian gospel music industry. His father is the popular Ilaje man who uses his sonorous voice to praise the mighty God when he was alive. After his death, Lekan Remilekun Amos as the young and vibrant singer is fondly refers to, took after his father by improving on his legacy which is singing pure gospel music devoid of any circular intonation. In this interview with Shokishombolo News, he spoke on his journey to the holy land, Jerusalem and other interesting issues.


For the purpose of those who are yet to know you, briefly introduction yourself?

My name is Evangelist Lekan Remilekun Amos. People call me ‘Omo Davidi’. I think it was from the idea of David being a praise singer, a preacher. My dad was a great gospel artiste before he lost his life. I’m just second from the family of five.

Your father is one of the greatest gospel musicians; can you tell us little about him?

My dad of course, the most important thing is that he had created a legacy that many people including me and other gospel artistes are following. The legacy is just that he is an artiste that sings practically philosophy of life; he is just strictly gospel artiste. He was a very humble man. No matter how popular he is, he is still humble and I learnt those things from him being a humble person and digging deep into the Bible to sing. I’ve learnt so many lessons just to mention but a few.

You took after your father and so many people will want to know what you are doing differently?

I’m just improving on his work, which is the only thing I think am doing differently apart from his kind of music. I’m just trying to improve on him, making the gospel more and more broaden. It’s just preaching gospel in a new dimension and that’s something new I see about that.

But do you know your father has touched many lives that some cannot do without his old tracks and they want something in that line?

Of course, I told you he had been laying a very good legacy and that was the legacy I built on. I try to maintain that integrity. It was a solid legacy, everything I’m doing should be positive.

So, how has the acceptance been so far?

To God be the glory, the acceptance has been wonderful because they are seeing a replica of Remilekun Amos. Like the father in the son and the son the in father. We thank God, the acceptance has been wonderful all over the world.

Looking at the gospel industry, the standard your father set, the standard you meet and the standard you are working with, what can you say about the Nigerian gospel industry?

There is one thing I see about the Nigerian gospel industry. What I see is that people think you must sing rubbish to entice people in the name of gospel and that is what I have noticed and trying to correct. I have been praying to God to make me an example for people to correct that impression. It is not only when you sing rubbish that people will accept you. You can preach the gospel in a decent form and people will still accept you. That is one negative thing I saw about our gospel music industry. Apart from that, people don’t see gospel music as something you can do as career. They believe how much will they get from there. Gospel itself is an entity. It is an institution. If anybody is coming into the gospel once he or she has a call. That is one important thing if you have the call then you can excel. I think if people’s impression can be corrected.

In a nutshell, tell us one unique thing about you that make you different from other gospel artistes?

I think the listeners should know that. The audience should be able to say that but I know that the peculiarity of being an Ilaje person, that intonation and king of music I play which philosophical make it different.

Tell us what you are doing now that people should expect?

I’m working on a video.

You just came back from Jerusalem, tell us some of your experience and things that sojourn in the holy land could have infused or change about your music life?

It was a wonderful experience apart from going on pilgrimage, we went for a show. My fans that are there organized shows for us with another popular artiste.  I will not like to mention names. Going to the holy land to witness or see things you’ve read in the Bible, something that has built your faith without even seeing them. For you to now see them is like cementing your faith that so this thing is real. It has changed my mentality a lot. Let me say it has improved my faith.

Judging from your father’s gospel music, what’s your philosophy about life?

My philosophy about life is God first in everything you do and anything in life that doesn’t have the instinct of Jesus in it, I think is not something anybody should laud. Life is just 100% Jesus.

What is your candid advice for upcoming artistes?

They should be focused then they should try and discover the area of their strength. So many people are just copying each other. Once you discover your area of strength just try to build on it. It might take you years for people to accept you but at last, if you really have a call, I know you will get there one day.

Is there any experience you want to share about your journey to the holy land with the upcoming artistes?

One particular one I saw was that there are even pick-pockets in the realm where people are coming to see the birth place of Jesus Christ. People are still stealing things there. It is funny for you to go to Bethlehem for you to steal. It is a wonderful experience anyway.

How will that shape your musical career?

I told you not quite long that my journey to the holy land has cemented my faith. I think it will enhance my gospel sense because seeing those things that they are even real makes me more charged that our God is a living God.

What is that special thing that you miss most about your father?

I miss everything about him; his way of life, his sermons, his advice. Nobody knew he would leave when he left. Had it been he is still with us I know I would have even gained more from him. I miss his advice, songs, lyrics, his voice and his fatherly advice.

Which of his lyrics can you relate with?

I do relate with every of his lyrics. One thing I do in every of my album is that, I choose one particular track and try to renew it. Anytime people see it, they see it as bringing them back to the old lyrics. And it is something people have cherished most about me by bringing those old lyrics back.

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