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Hon. Saheed Mosadoluwa: Exclusion Of The Minority Leadership In Lagos State Is Tyranny In Democracy


The founder of Ibile peaceful assembly, Hon. Saheed Mosadoluwa (Mr-Ibile) has described the exclusion of the minority leadership inthe Lagos state House of Assembly as tyranny and undemocratic .

He however made this assertions while reacting to therecent Lagos State House of Assembly on the exclusion of the offices ofMinority Leader and Minority Whip in the House, saying the two positions are nolonger necessary.

“I considered the assertion of the Chairman, HouseCommittee on

Information, Strategy, Publicity and Security, Mr TundeBraimoh of

Lagos State Assembly as a troubling conundrum”.

“We are not saying majority rule is not necessary forexpressing the

popular will and the basis for establishing theirdeceptive and progressive’s campaign but minority is bound to disagree onany anti

people ideal of the majority”

However, the Lagos State House Assembly shouldunderstand that the consensus cannot be the basis for making political orlegislative decisions

because minority rule is antithetical to democracy.

His words, “is this Lagos State House of assembly? or fascist organization, I have not heard of any state assembly without minorityleaders will surely pave way for executive arm reckless and rascality, APCmembers should not abuse its powers to oppress the minority voters thatsend some of these traitors to that chamber to represent their communities”.

Mosadoluwa noted that PDP members in their constituentswere not consulted before the six members proceeded to decamped to APC,as these members were fascinated with what those in the APC camp arebenefiting which compel them to decamped from PDP toAPC.

“I would advise that someone should stand as a minorityleader to represent the will of the minorities’ votes. We should stop beingeconomical with truth, Hon. The Lagos State House of Assembly on Tuesday saidthe offices of

Minority Leader and Minority Whip in the House are no longernecessary Obasa, his loyalists and APC leaders should understand the dangersof tyranny in legislature which should also be condemned byLagosian”.

Further more, it is of great importance in a LSHA not only toguard

Lagosian against oppression and deceptive progressivescampaigners,

there is need for minority leader in that assembly to guardthe rules

of the assembly against the injustice of those who decide totell us

the rules is now superfluous and whims.

It is time to compel Buraimoh to resign as the chairmanLagos

Assembly house committee on information and strategies sincehis

appointment as the chairman is not constitution guaranteesbut the

creation of the assembly and that means the office that gavehim the

privilege to send deceptive information to the public is alsobased

on the whims and the rules he just describes as fascist.

The minority’s rights must be protected no matter howalienated a

minority is from the majority members of Lagos stateassembly;

otherwise, the majority’s rights may lose its meaning.

Mosadoluwa, on his final note, urged that Ibile peacefulAssembly will surely protest the heinous decision of the majority of the houseof Lagos Assembly members to prevent Lagos State government from becoming avehicle for the “tyranny of the APC government. “ we will resist imposedregimentation of thought and values as the voice of the minority must beheard”, he added.

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