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Primate Ayodele Drops 2017 Shocking Prophecies …Death Of Prominent Professor, Saraki To Survive Political Trials And Many More

Samson Ayodele

Samson Ayodele

*Death of a prominent Professor imminent

*Buhari and Osinbajo Will Quarrel

*Nigeria Will Build Her First Airplane

*Nigeria’ll Start Exporting Farm Produce In 2018

*Saraki Will Survive Political Trials

*I foresee the Crashing of an Airplane in Nigeria

*A Minister and a Former Governor Will pass away

*Nigeria Will Regulate the activities of Social Media Operators In 2017

The Servant of the Most High God at INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Babatunde Elijah Ayodele (JP), has released his divine revelations for 2017 on what to expect from the Spiritual Angle in the year. The respected Man of God who recently warned on the imminent crashing of the popular money-doubling scheme, MMM, revealed the outcome of the last Ondo governorship election, the victory of Donald Trump in America, among others well ahead of time. In this interview, he provides Spiritual insights into the fate of Nigerian and the world at large in the new year, Excerpts…

Divine messages for the year 2017

I foresee that the Wonder Savings Scheme (MMM) will be having problems at the latter part of the year 2017. I foresee people trying to take the operators to court.

The federal government must work on the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) monetary policies otherwise the recession that we are experiencing now will take us another seven years to get out of it. The CBN is not implementing the right monetary and economic policies as God directs. Until something drastic is done about the CBN Nigeria may not come out of the recession anytime soon. I also foresee the changing and redeployment of some Directors at the CBN and also top management staff. I foresee mass sack and redeployment of workers in Fidelity Bank, Diamond Bank, Access Bank, GTBank, Aso Savings & Loans Plc, Wema Bank and Stanbic IBTC Bank. I also foresee some of them changing their Managing Directors and Chairmen. I foresee some of these banks having issues with the Central Bank of Nigeria too.

I foresee Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) also facing challenges. I also foresee AMCON working tirelessly on bad debts owed the banks. I foresee fire outbreak in Central Bank of Nigeria.

I foresee challenges in the insurance industry even as the government will withdraw the licenses of some of them.

The year 2017 is going to be tough for the Stock Broking Firms. The Spirit of God says the values of Shares will crash in the stock market.

Petroleum Sector

I foresee Nigeria importing petroleum products from the neighbouring countries. The Spirit of God says the neighbouring countries will be enjoying the oil more than Nigeria. I foresee dirty deals rocking the boat of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation. I foresee that the Managing Director of the NNPC and some Executive Directors will be facing challenges. I foresee changes at the top management levels too. The Spirit of God says the Federal Head of Service may be removed and indicted. He needs to pray on this. I foresee sweeping changes in the Federal Civil Service which will result to protests by workers. I also foresee the removal of some Federal Permanent Secretaries. The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) will face challenges and litigations. Some of the FRSC Sector Commanders will be removed. I foresee that an attempt will be made to break the organizational structure of the FRSC but it may not work. The FRSC powers in relation to traffic management and control will undergo reforms by the government.

The Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) will be having issues with the police which may result to killings of operatives of the two outfits.

I foresee pipeline vandalization and explosions. I foresee that gas will be more readily available for use than petrol. I foresee that vehicles that will be using gas will be on our roads.


I foresee a resurgence of militancy in the Niger Delta area; particularly the activities of the Niger Delta Avengers. The government must be more serious in its dealings with the Avengers. Their issues must be handled with care. I foresee a deadlier group coming up still from the Niger Delta that will make the Avengers activities look like a child’s play. The government must be watchful because I foresee that the group will cause the nation more havoc than what we have experienced before. The government should dialogue with the Avengers and also pray so that will be peace in the land.

The Senate

The Upper Legislative House (The Red Chambers) will perform in some areas and will not live up to the expectations of the people in some vital areas. Many Bills that will be beneficial to Nigerians will not be passed in 2017. I foresee disagreement between the Senate and President Buhari. I foresee deaths in the Senate. Let them pray on this. The Senate Chambers should be careful and guide against fire outbreak. I foresee the Senate President surmounting political challenges in 2017. The Spirit of God says his political foes will still wage serious wars against him. He should pray fervently to overcome this.

The Code of Conduct Tribunal trials of the Senate President will come up again; its judgment will cause a lot of confusion. I foresee Saraki surviving the trial because the judgment will be challenged in many ways. I foresee money causing problems among Senators.

I foresee that the Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives Yakubu Dogara will be having serious political challenges. He needs prayers to survive 2017 on the seat. The Spirit of God says money will cause problems in the House too.

The 2017 Budget will be delayed because there will be issues on it between the Legislative and the Executive Arms of Government. I foresee the Economic and Financial Crimes Commissions (EFCC) chasing the National Assembly members in the year.


The Nigerian government will make efforts to boost agriculture in 2017. States in Nigeria will partner with one another on agriculture. However, the packaging of the farm products must be given the desired attention. Otherwise, I don’t see it succeeding. I foresee corrupt practices rocking the boat of the agriculture sector in the year. I foresee a boom in the Agricultural sector in 2018. I foresee Nigeria becoming an exporter of rice and other farm crops by 2018. I foresee foreign investors coming to Nigeria to engage in agriculture.


I foresee that the United States of America Dollars, the British Pounds and the Euro will not stabilize in relation to their exchange rates with the Naira. The Lord says Nigeria must review its stand and preference for the American Dollar and strike a deal with China before our economy can be back on track. The Lord says that the instability of the American Dollar is one of the factors for the current recession we are going through as a nation. The Lord says we must negotiate with another developed economy in order to escape the recession.

I foresee that Nigeria will manufacture a wholly made in Nigeria airplane from 2017. I foresee an African country building a warship. Nigeria economy will start picking up from 2018.

I foresee rancor in the Energy or Power Supply. Power supply will not stabilize in Nigeria until 2018. I foresee major blackouts before then as the sector will be having problems. The energy tariff will be high in 2017. I foresee the Heads of Electric Power Distribution Companies facing crisis. I also foresee corrupt practices in the sector.


MTN, GLO, Etisalat; I foresee challenges for these companies. Let’s pray we don’t lose prominent personalities in this sector. I foresee these telecommunication companies having issues with the government. I foresee Etisalat running into big debt. The company should pray not to lose some of its hard working and dedicated staff. I foresee that the Managing Director of GLO will be facing challenges.

I foresee a new telecoms company coming into the industry in the next two years. There will be reviews and changes in tariff by telecoms operators which will be resisted by the subscribers.


I foresee problems in the education sector. The Spirit of God says some university lecturers will be sacked. Some university Managements Board will be facing serious challenges. I foresee the establishment of new universities in Nigeria. The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) will change its strategies in the handling of its affairs which will be good news to students. I foresee JAMB reverting back to the use of the manual method for the conduct of its exam. I foresee that West African Examination Council (WAEC) and National Examination Council (NECO) will review their systems in the conduct of the General Certificate of Education Examinations. I foresee the Minister of Education having problems same for the Heads of JAMB and WAEC.

Police and Security Agencies

I foresee problems and mass deaths in the Police Force. I foresee the death of Senior Police Officers. The Police Force must pray against this. The Inspector General of Police should pray against scandal. I foresee changes within the ranks of the Commissioners of Police, Deputy Inspector General of Police and Assistant Inspector General of Police. I also foresee mass redeployment in the police force.

The Mobile Police (MOPOL) Commanders should pray against challenges. I foresee replacements in the MOPOL Leadership. I foresee protests in the police. Soldiers that are fighting the Boko Haram war will still lose top commanders in the Boko Haram war.

The Soldiers will protest ill treatment in the force. The Boko Haram sect is still very active so the army should be watchful. The Chief of Defence Staff and the Chief of Army Staff must be careful and prayerful as I foresee petitions written against them. Also, the Chief of the Naval Staff needs prayer to survive in his office. Let us pray so that none of the Nigerian Air force planes will crash. The Chief of the Air Staff must be careful and prayerful so that he will not run into unforeseen troubles. I foresee redeployments in the Navy, Air Force and the Army.


I foresee series of renovations and improvements in the airports in our aviation industry. I foresee the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria having issues even as the Agency will relieve some of its workers of their duties. Let us pray against emergency landing by aircrafts. I foresee airline workers going on strike. I foresee pilots embarking on protests.

I foresee the British Airways facing challenges and the Ethiopian Airline should pray against emergency landing. I foresee a major air disaster. Let us pray very well to avert this.

Arik Airline, Air Peace, New World Airline, Ghana Airways, and Aero Contractor should pray very well against challenges. I foresee mass retrenchment of workers in these airlines. Let us pray against a jet airliner that might crash in Nigeria. I foresee the government re-introducing toll gates on our high ways. I also foresee the government engaging seriously in the construction of the second Niger Bridge at Onitsha. I foresee that the construction work on the fourth mainland bridge in Lagos will be taking shape. I foresee new airports and new seaports in Lagos from 2018.


I foresee crisis in the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF). The Minister of Sports, Comrade Dalung will face challenges. Let us pray against any death in the NFF. I foresee players facing challenges. Clubs like Enyimba, Warri Wolves, Rangers International, Sunshine Stars, 3sc and Kano Pillars should pray well to escape being fined. I foresee changes in the League Management Company. Let us pray so that we don’t lose a Referee. Let us pray so that football clubs in Cameroon, Ghana and Cote Divoire do not lose any of their players. I foresee crisis in FIFA. Chelsea, Real Madrid and Arsenal may shine in 2017. I foresee changes within the ranks of coaches at the international level. The Spirit of God says some coaches will be changed in Nigeria.


President Buhari will face a lot of disappointments. There are lots of changes he will want to bring about but he will not enjoy the backing from his political party. He meant well for Nigeria and has good plan for the country but there are a lot of people surrounding him that would not want him to succeed.

Let the Abia and Adamawa governors pray well in order to retain their seats. I foresee tension in the two states. I also foresee political tension in Kwara, Kogi, Ogun, Oyo, Ondo, Kano, Sokoto, Kaduna, Kebbi and Yobe states.

In 2019, I foresee that all political parties will zone their Presidential slots to the North. I foresee internal wrangling in Aso Villa. Let’s pray so that there will be no crisis between the President and the Vice President. I foresee health challenges for President Buhari. He should pray so that he is not bereaved. I foresee the death of a former civilian and a former military governor in the country. I foresee the death of a Minister and also a very prominent politician. Let us pray to God to grant our former Presidents good health.

I foresee PENGASSAN and NUPENG going on strike.

The price of Coca Cola other soft drinks, Table water and sachet water will be increased. Vegetable oil, garri, rice and bread prices will increase too. The prices of staple foods will not be stable in the new year. Nigeria needs three days of fasting and prayer to fight the ongoing economic recession. Nigeria needs God at this time. I foresee serious crisis for the acting EFCC chairman Ibrahim Magu. He is good but critics would keep on traumatizing him. I foresee the death of a former Attorney General of the Federation. I also foresee a lot of changes in the All Progressives Congress and the People’s Democratic Party. The government will start regulating the activities of social media practitioners in the New Year. I foresee technical troubles with the Presidential jets. I foresee doctors going on strike. I foresee government refurbishing the Teaching Hospitals and the establishment of new ones. Kidnappings and political assassinations will be rampant in 2017. Let us pray we don’t lose a prominent Professor. The Directorate of State Security will be dragged to court. I foresee the death journalists’ (media practitioners). The Nigerian Labour Congress will protest over workers’ salary. Let the NLC pray not to lose any of their members I foresee doctors going on strike. Let us pray against fire outbreak at our ports. The Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA) will sack some of their Clearing and Forwarding Agents. Let us pray to avoid boat capsizing and ship wreck at the global level. Let us pray against upsurge in cholera cases and reports of fever outbreaks. Let us pray against bombing. The Nigeria Railway Corporation will face challenges. Let us pray against train derailment in Nigeria, Spain, France and Germany. The United Kingdom and United States of America will adopt new Visas processing method. Let us pray against deaths at the NYSC camps.

Let the sport writers pray against deaths.

I foresee the death of a Lagos based and a Northern Nigeria based business magnates. Let us pray so that God can avert their deaths. Let us also pray against the death of a lawyer and a high Court Judge.
members of terrorists groups will be captured in Lagos. Let’s pray against the death of a former Speaker. I foresee a referendum among Nigerian ethnic groups on the way forward of the country. A new set of people will take over the running of the affairs of the APC. I foresee the death of a prominent Man of God. I foresee religious and tribal crisis. I foresee a major crisis in the north. Goodluck Jonathan will be forced to talk on his stewardship. He will be blackmailed. Vice President Osinbajo will be robbed politically. Alex Duduyemi, Lateef Jakande, Peter Odili, Tofa, Yakubu Gowon, Victor Olaiya, TY Danjuma, Shehu Shagari, Alex Ekweme, Ernest Shonekan and Bamanga Tukur should pray for good health. Isiaka Adeleke should pray well because I foresee his political future threatened. Andy Uba should watch his political moves. Ifeanyi Uba should be watchful. Charles Soludo should wait for the right time and he should pray not to be bereaved and also not to be attacked. Let us pray not to lose a SAN. Benin Republic President will not get a second term and he will create problems for the country and the opposition party

There will be retrenchment is some banks like Heritage, Fidelity and Access Banks. I foresee scrap employment in some government agencies. Some Ministers will have problem with President Buhari. Some market will be demolished in Lagos and some states. Ghana President should not probe the past leaders because if he does it will collapse his government. Emeka Ofor should be careful. Oyo market will be razed down by fire. Onitsha market should pray against explosions and rebuke leadership troubles. Let’s pray we don’t lose any journalist. Nigerian Union of Teachers will embark on strike. The People’s Democratic Party should be careful of complex and selfish interest. The All Progressive Congress must be careful of people who decamp to the party. They should be careful of sensationalisation. Crowd may also ruin their government. The coming 2019 election will not favour a lot of politicians. I foresee something new coming up in 2019. Some governors looking for second term may not get it. I see EFCC will broadcast some names of the people. Buhari still want to fight Jonathan and Buhari must not fight him. Some Oba’s will be indicted of criminal activities while some Oba’s will be taken to court. Let’s pray against emergency that may cause serial killings in the country. I foresee changes in motor plate number and the process of motor licensing will be changed. The Speaker of the House may be indicted if care if not taken. I foresee assassination and killings in the country. There will be killings in Ekiti State and unexpected killings in the world and the global affairs. I foresee armed robbery will be rampant on the high ways. Some banks should pray to rebuke armed robbery cases. There will be problem in Democratic Republic of Congo. There will be killings and crisis. Arik Staff will go on protest. Lufthansa Airline will go on protest. Dana Air will go on protest. Some players will face challenges.

The Spirit of God revealed that there will be retrenchment is some banks like Heritage, Fidelity and Access Banks.

Goodluck Jonathan will be involved in the moves to bring the PDP back to political reckoning. I foresee that President Buhari and Asiwaju Bola Tinubu will hold meetings on ways to re-strategize concerning the All Progressives Congress but the outcome may not work as expected. President Buhari will hold consultations on ways to appoint new Ministers or re-shuffle his cabinet but I foresee that he will still not get it right. I foresee crisis again. The Oil giant Exxon Mobil will experience troubles as the company will be forced to make some payments. The government will embark on reconstruction work on the Abuja to Okene highways.

The Attorney General of the Federation must be careful and watchful of so many things that will come up around him.

I see the re-emergence of the Fulani Herdsmen troubles in Igala land, Benue and Taraba states. I see killings in Nigeria and this will affect the offices of the Service Chiefs in the military. The following states: Zamfara, Adamawa, Benue, Plateau, Jigawa, Gombe, Kogi, Anambra and Delta must be careful to avert un-towards developments. There will be many things that will surprise the people and the political class that will take place within the political class in the country. The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) will not be scrapped but I foresee reforms that will affect its modus operandi. Let us pray against school collapse. Let pray against killings in our schools. I foresee that kidnappers will invade schools.

I foresee that some serving governors will be indicted of fraudulent activities. I foresee that the second term ambition of President Buhari will generate a lot of troubles in the Senate and among the PDP governors. This will break the ranks of the two groups. I foresee that some very close aides of former President Jonathan will betray him and even the former Vice President Namadi Sambo. Let’s pray we don’t lose a former and a present first lady in Nigeria. There will be troubles in Nollywood both in the Yoruba and English genres. Workers of the Lagos transport System (LAGBUS) will embark on strike. Forte Oil must pray so that any of their trucks will not be involved in a fatal accident. The United States of America will experience economic meltdown. I foresee that there will be flooding and serious erosion in the United Kingdom and some European countries. I foresee crisis and absence of peace in some parts of the world. Let us against a new terminal disease that will spread from Africa. I foresee deaths in the United Nations through attacks. I foresee some UN workers kidnapped. The Spirit of God revealed changes in the UN helms of affairs. These are the words of the Lord.

On the message for five Nigerian deputy governors

I don’t need to respond to any issue. Firstly, being deputy governors is not a big deal. I have deputies too (laughter), so I don’t need to respond. Besides, it’s God that sent me the message and I have played my role. Also, people had reacted to their statement. And I have people like them around me. So, they are my sons spiritually. And again, what God has given us to do is beyond just five states, we are dealing with the whole world. You can see what I mean by not ready to reply them.

Prophecy on the last Ondo governorship election

That is no longer news. The election has come and gone like you said. We warned ahead of the election and God vindicated us. It is the same as the American presidential election on which we warned Hillary Clinton to work on five states is she must win the election. People can go back to our prophecies to understand God’s messages.

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