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Boycott forces business owners to close early

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Residents of Baton Rouge heed to the instruction of their community and Religious leaders to boycott malls and food courts. The action was taken due to a 37 year-old blackman, Alton Sterling who was killed by a Police officer in front of a Food Mart located in Baton Rouge, in USA.

The boycott which has forced business owners to close their shops earlier than usual, was done to force the Baton Rouge leaders to prosecute two Police officers involved in the shooting that lead to the death of Alton Sterling in front of Triple S Food Mart on North Foster Drive, US.

The economic boycott tagged “selective buying campaign” is expected to last for three days. And Malls such as Mall of Louisiana, Cortana Mall and all local Walmarts in Baton Rouge, in Louisiana are all expected to be boycotted by the residents.

According to a Baton Rouge Resident, Keri Pooler, over the weekend, the people kept to their words and made sure they boycotted malls and food courts. This of course forced business owners to close early.

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