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“Kogi Labour leaders are more dubious than politicians”

NLC.logoA group of Kogi State Civil servants have alleged the leadership of the organized Labour in the state of being more dubious that politicians, stressing that the extended industrial strike action embarked upon almost two weeks ago, in spite government meeting the terms of the agreement it had with them is needless.
The group while addressing a media parley in Lokoja, on Thursday revealed that the labour leaders claim to be fighting for poor civil servants in the state are richer than a serving commissioner.
Affirming its allegation again the labour leaders, the leader of the group, Comrade Cyril Ukwenya, said “During the last administration of Captain Wada, the Ministry of Science and Technology proposed to supply laptops to all the teachers in the State, so as to boost their teaching skills but the labour leaders eventually hijacked the idea by convincing the governor who gave them approval to go ahead.

Governor Yahaya Bello

Governor Yahaya Bello

“These said laptops were given to workers at the rate more than 300% of the market and the union dues deducted from workers salaries to labour’s account every month is almost 50 million naira.

“The present labour leaders have been in office for about seven to eight years now. If we go by the above exposition, this means the union dues of workers deducted to labour is approximately 4.6 billion naira and there nothing on ground to show for this 4.6 billion naira they have collected from the hungry and heavily indebted workers of Kogi State.”
Speaking on the ongoing strike embarked on by the accused labour, Cyril recalled the state government assurance of publishing the dates and schedules of payments for all outstanding salaries and leave bonuses.
“The government has told us no genuine worker will be layed off as workers with complains about omissions will be attended to directly by the Office of the Governor. They also said salaries of LGA teachers and pensioners will be returned to SUBEB and the Bureau of Local government pensions.
“We believe in Yahaya Bello’s led administration because all its efforts towards the development of the state are obvious and noted.
“We know the bailout fund is a loan facility sourced by Zenith and Access banks. It is not transferable and cannot yield interest as maliciously purported by the labour leaders. Money cannot be withdrawn from the holding banks for any other purpose other than crediting the salary accounts of workers.
“We therefore urge fellow civil servants in the state to disregard labour leaders and join hands with the State government for as genuine rewarding service to Kogi state,” he added

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