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Student stab landlord to death during sex


The Abia State police have confirmed that a  student of the Abia State Polytechnic, Abel who is studying Architecture is wanted for stabbing his landlord to death. Abel who was said to have stabbed his landlord during an heated argument in their compound is said to be on the run ever since the incident.

The argument began after the landlord barged into Abel’s room who was said to be having sex with his girlfriend at the time, because Abel had disobeyed the ground rules the landlord had stated for the students living in his compound.

An eyewitness said the landlord barged into the room and met Abel and his girlfriend naked, which caused the fight.

She said, “The incident happened around 9pm on June 29. The deceased had made a rule that no student living in the lodge should bring a lady to pass the night there. He also made it a rule that every visitor, be it male or female, must leave before night falls.

“However, the suspect brought home a female guest in the evening and both of them went inside his room. The caretaker of the lodge saw them and waited for them to come out, but they didn’t. He then put a call through to the landlord, who hurriedly went to the building around 9pm.

“On arrival, the landlord barged into the student’s room where he met both the lady and the student naked. Instead of excusing himself, he attacked the student with punches. The lady quickly grabbed a wrapper and ran out of the room into another student’s room in the lodge.

“As the confrontation continued, the student stabbed the landlord with a knife, put on his boxers and fled that night, leaving the landlord dead in his room.”

The Abia State Police Public Relations Officer, Nta Ogbonnaya, confirmed the murder, saying he could not tell what transpired between the suspect and the deceased.

He said, “Yes, there is a case of murder involving a student of Abia State Polytechnic, Aba, who stabbed his landlord in the stomach. I cannot, however, tell what happened between them. I also don’t know the name of the landlord and the suspect. As I speak with you, the case file has been transferred to the SDCI and we are working with the school authorities to get the details of the suspect.

“I, however, want to advise him that he should submit himself to the police voluntarily. I assure that wherever he decides to go, we will get him and he will face justice.”

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